Heartfelt Yoga Studio - Event: Build Acroyoga Basics | Heartfelt Yoga Studio

Come join Andrea Hidalgo and Alex Fennell in this workshop series delving into the fascinating world of Acroyoga.
Day & Time: September 26th from 7:30-9p
Location : Heartfelt Yoga Studio Columbus
Price: $ 25   $80 [for all 4 sessions]
Level: All
Address: 29 E 5th Ave #100   Columbus   OH   43201  
Type: Event

Andrea Hidalgo and Alex Fennell

Acroyoga is a practice that builds trust, strength, flexibility, and communication. In this series we will be introducing a wide variety of poses and ways to transition between them. From standing counterbalances to L-basing we will be offering material that is accessible and challenging to everyone, regardless of skill level or physical ability. Come alone or bring a friend, everyone is welcome!