Theme Series

Welcome to the Heartfelt Yoga Studio Theme Series!

What is it? It’s a rad All Levels Vinyasa class like before but with a specific theme of the week as a foundational base to enrich our yoga experience.

And no, there is no extra charge for it.

And yes, you still going to get a kick-ass Vinyasa class.

Our Theme Series will typically run from a few weeks to a few months and will cover a range of topics. Each week will be introducing a theme that will fit the on-going series. The website and our social media platforms [ check us out on instagram and Facebook as @HeartfeltYogaStudio] will be updated continuously so you always know what's happening.

What do I do? If you are curious about the theme, just come to the participating theme-centered class where the teacher will introduce you to the topic.

Are all theme-centric classes the same? Nope! So you visited one class during the week and decided to go to another theme-centric class. Actually, that would be a stellar idea! No classes are alike and every teacher will represent the theme differently and with their own individual flavor. You’ll just get double benefits :)

What classes are participating?  Please check the schedule below.  

Our first theme series will be focusing on Yamas and Niyamas. There is a bit more to yoga than just insta-worthy shots. Gain more insight and more energy with this series. Read my blog post about Yamas and Niyamas (Non-Violence)

(The schedule will be posted once teachers are assigned.)

Theme of the Week


Participating Classes/Instructor

Yama #1 Ahimsa - Non-Violence

Aug 20-26

Monday Aug 20th 7:30 PM - Monica
Wednesday Aug 22nd 7:30PM - Jess

Yama #2 Satya — Truthfulness

Aug 27-Sep 2

Wednesday Aug 29th 6:00AM - Julia

Wednesday Aug 29th 6:15PM - Monica

Yama #3. Asteya — Non-Stealing

Sep 3 - 9

Tuesday Sep 4th 7:30PM - Suzi

Sunday Sep 9th 7:15AM - Vinny

Yama #4. Brahmacharya — Energy Control

Sep 10 - 16

Thursday Sep 13th 6:15PM - Marina

Sunday Sep 16th 10AM - Alice

Yama #5. Aparigraha — Non-Coveting

Sep 17 - 23

Tuesday Sept 18 6:15 PM - Jess

Saturday Sept 22nd 8:30am - Katie

Niyama #1. Shaucha - Purification

Sep 24-30

Monday Sept 24th 4:00 PM - Ellen

Sunday Sept 30 7:15 PM - Vinny

Niyama #2. Santosha - Contentment

Oct 1-7

Wednesday Oct 3 4:00 PM nbsp; - Ellen

Sunday Oct 7 10am  - Alice

Niyama #3. Tapas - Asceticism;

Oct 8-14

Saturday Oct 13th 8:30am - Katie

Sunday Oct 14th 7:15 PM - Vinny

Niyama #4. Svadhyaya - Self-Study

Oct 15-21

Wednesday Oct 17th 7:30PM - Jess

Thursday Oct 18th 6:15PM - Marina

Niyama #5. Ishvara Pranidhana - Devotion

Oct 22-28

Sunday Oct 28th 10AM - Alice

Wednesday Oct 31 6AM - Julia