Heartfelt Yoga Studio October News

Posted Date: 10/31/2018
Posted By: Alice G
Heartfelt Yoga Studio October News

Heartfelt Updates

Are you one of those silent “fly-on-the-wall-types” that’s been on our email list for centuries but have never actually visited the space due to finances / fear / or any other appropriate ‘f’ word? No excuses now - our monthly Donation-Based Community Foundations Practice is November 11th at 545p.

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Heart-to-Heart: Holiday Destress & Refocus Series

A normal class price with additional bling The series is free so why not #treatyoself ?

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Magic Session: Arm Balances & Inversions with Ellen

Greatness is on the other side of fear, right? I don’t know - you tell me

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Heart-to-Heart: Refer-a-Friend Program

Want a $10 gift card to somewhere super rad in Columbus? If you have a package and you get one of your really awesome friends to purchase a package - you get $$$. Ask an instructor for more details. [ Only applies to really awesome friends ; ) ]

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Experience the Magic - Holiday Gift Box

Ever seen perfection in the most adorable wooden box? Well here it is.

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Unfortunately, no parking in the lot after 5p. Please see our website for more details on where you can park your large human carrying vehicle.

Members can store mats for free at the studio. Ask an instructor for more details.

Stickers are now being sold for $1 [ cash-only please ].

There will be an adjusted schedule for Thanksgiving *gobble gobble*.

That New Year party is comin’ in HOT.

You’re a good human.