Yamas and Niyama - Ten Keys of Yoga to Harness the Abundance of Your Energy

Posted Date: 8/6/2018
Posted By: Alice G
Yamas and Niyama - <small>Ten Keys of Yoga to Harness the Abundance of Your Energy</small>

The Yama / Niyama “rules” are modern ethical and moral foundations of yoga - the foundation for successful development. Just like any structure that can not be built without a foundation, the spiritual path becomes impossible without these foundational truths.


The Yama / Niyama foundational practices prepare a person, tempers their will, and teaches them how to control their external and internal manifestations.


To compare, starting a yoga practice is like growing a garden. You must give life to the flowers by watering them, but in turn weeds can also start to grow. We can regulate the growth of the weeds with the yamas and niyamas. They are the restraints that, when practiced, lead to a abundant garden.


Yamas means control over actions, both in relation to our external and internal world. After all, everything that happens to a person manifests itself not only on the external physical state, but also on the energy and spiritual (mental) levels, the internal state.

The niyamas are five recommendations that when are followed will lead to energy flow into the proper channels, which in turn, will bring even more energy, happiness and harmony in the future. These are the recommendations that will bring abundance into someone’s life. All the niyamas are also multi-layered. At the most superficial level, their observance is relatively simple, then if they can be implemented on a deep level, you will harness a deeper understanding and perspective.


We’ll start with restrains  first - 5 yamas to clean our “well” and then we will fill our “well” with abundancy by following  5 “recommendations” or observances of niyamas.

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