The First Yama: Ahimsa - Non-Violence

Posted Date: 8/30/2018
Posted By: Alice G
The First Yama: Ahimsa - Non-Violence

Yoga is a multi-cultural, complex, and constantly changing construction that inherently is far from it’s “pure” and clear line/history. Yoga now means different things to different people. Yogis could be ascetics who are working to master their mind for the ultimate meditative state or be militant yogis engaging in exercise regimes to build incredible strength.

We at Heartfelt honor all yoga but specifically being who you want to be through yoga.

The first yama, ahimsa, translates as non-violence - and not only the obvious non-violence in terms of aggression but think of all other forms of violence: saying/doing hurtful things in our languaging and in our thoughts. Non-violence can be defined as acting with true compassion and love. To integrate ahimsa into your daily life, the spiritual seeker, you, must intend to remove, block, or work through any negative or harmful thoughts and feelings.

You can bring Ahimsa to you life through the practice of compassion and forgiveness. Move forward everyday by doing all things with love. How can your actions show more love and compassion towards yourself and others?

How can you practice Ahimsa this week? Let’s set an intention to be kind to yourself and others in our thoughts and actions. Maybe try to be a vegetarian for a day. And in your yoga practice, remember that honest movement is preferred over intensity - don’t overextend/overtax your body
(see my blog about injuries) and just let go.

You are enough.

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