Yamas Satya — Truthfulness

Posted Date: 9/7/2018
Posted By: Alice G
Yamas Satya — Truthfulness

After working through Ahimsa - we can honor non-violence in our thoughts, feelings, and actions; this flows into the second yama, satya, truthfulness. All of the yamas exist in one field together, not as separate and discrete entities and thus when we practice truthfulness, we practice it in a way that does no harm onto other. Think the golden rule - if you having nothing nice to say - say nothing at all.

The most difficult aspect of satya is knowing your own truth. Our subconscious has tendencies to create illusions and that’s why it’s important to practice awareness to see clearly so that we don’t lie ourselves about who we truly are. What limiting beliefs of yourself are you living out? What experiences, what conversations, what desires are you missing out on because the story you created about yourself internally is full or can’ts and shouldn’ts? Your personal truth most affects your actions and these limits are not always true and they affect what actions you take.

Be sure to also notice your language. Things like exaggerations and hyperboles do not honestly further a conversation. They limit it to only the language that is honest or the waste energy that could have been spent developing a more authentic connection.

Take time to meditate on what your truth is and how you work through it each and every day. Do you really do things that you love, do you really practice what you preach?

Honor your truth.

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