Yamas Asteya — Non-Coveting/Non-Stealing

Posted Date: 9/11/2018
Posted By: Alice G
Yamas Asteya — Non-Coveting/Non-Stealing

Satya and Asteya work hand in hand. When you can look at yourself honestly you can focus in on the root cause of greed and coveting - not feeling good enough. We take, steal, pursue, or even desire and breed jealousy by deciding that we are not enough and that we cannot create what we so want. By focusing in on our lack we rob ourselves of what we do have and of enjoying the moment we are in - we cultivate a misbalanced energy.

When considering others, the biggest and most valuable resource humans tend to steal is time. When we spew negativity you are stealing away from someone cultivating a positive moment. Practice being punctual to show your respect to someone else’s time. Consider not speaking unless what you have to say will being value or beauty. Don’t over commit and consume mindlessly .

When you can bring these practices on and off the mat then you will produce this magnetism for good to come onto you. Allow yourself to meditate on being enough and that what you need is all around you and you live in constant abundance.

What you need has already found you.

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