Thirty minutes of pure bliss. Whether you’re a seasoned buddha or the idea of meditation gives you the heebie-jeebies - you’ll gain something from this reflective time on your mat. Meditation is truly the only “one-size fits all” solution to all your everyday woes and we are HERE FOR IT. If you can breathe, you can join.


No. This is not just a “beginner’s class”. However, it is 100% beginner friendly. We’ll use this 75 minute class to delve into the alignment of our practice. That means two things: long holds, which may or may not make your muscles shake & lots of repetition to allow the concepts to sink in. Our focus here is form not necessarily flow. Whether you’re new, looking for a refresher, trying to dig a little deeper, or just want to slow it down a little—this class is for you.

Slow Jam

Life is fast, like sometimes too fast. And hard too, right? We spend so many of our waking hours efforting and working. Slow Jam is your opportunity to introduce a little bit of ease into all of that effort. Now, don’t get us wrong, this class isn’t just an hour long savasana, because ease isn’t always easy. Slow Jam is an hour of yin practice, lots of props, dim lights, and low (or no) heat.

Dirty Double Thirty

One too many cran-vodkas last night? No? Just me? If you enjoyed yourself a little too much - roll out your mat and sweat it out with us. First 30 minutes spent detoxing and the last 30 minutes spent restoring. Start your work week off fresh AF and help yo liver out. We will see you every Sunday morning and evening.


These classes are aimed at all students. While a familiarity with the postures may be helpful, we give plenty of alignment cues and adjustments to help you find the poses in your body. Is it going to be challenging? You bet. Is it going to be worth it? Well that's up to you, but we certainly think so.

$5 Vinyasa

We understand that with all of the fun adult things we have to pay for (mortgages, bills, food, etc etc etc) that sometimes yoga has to take a back burner. These $5 classes are the same great flows, just a little nicer on your wallet. Cash only please.

Advanced Vinyasa

Stop in for an hour of heart pumping and butt-busting power yoga linked with your breath and with plenty of time to explore new, funky postures. This class combines strength and intensity with the beautiful quality of yoga. Are you ready to meet us on the mat? We welcome anyone but it would be helpful to know your warrior I from your warrior II.