Yoga Event: Heart-to-Heart: Ditch Fear and Get Clear at Heartfelt Yoga Studio - with April

Your Guide to Trusting Your Decisions.
Fri: 2/22/2019 From: 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm       Add to Calendar
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Heart-to-Heart: Ditch Fear and Get Clear Meet April - certified Ray of Sunshine and Platinum Level Dope Human & oh yeah - yogi and life coach!

April is here to help. She will be taking you through this interactive workshop that combines techniques from different backgrounds, such as yoga, life coaching, movement therapy, and the performing arts to give YOU tools on how to find inner clarity and confidence.

By using movement, connection, creativity, and expression, you can get clear and ditch that fear. When you feel stuck or scared, it becomes hard to listen to your intuition, or worse, you find yourself doubting your decisions and living in a whirl of distress and turmoil.

Vibe with us and learn ways on how to regain clarity, confidence, and embrace your strength and power!

Location : Heartfelt Yoga Studio Columbus
Address: 29 E 5th Ave #100   Columbus   OH   43201