Heartfelt Yoga Studio - Event: Heart-to-Heart: Presence with Alice Gantman

Show up for yourself | A self-care workshop to ease the Holiday stress.
December 7 from 7-9p       Add to Calendar
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Heart-to-Heart: Presence So they say you should meditate everyday for 30 minutes and if you don't have time, then you should meditate for an hour. We aren't exactly sure who "they" are and we also think meditating an hour might just be a little extra for most of us, but we do believe that if you think you don't have time for 2 hours to yourself, then you're someone who might need this workshop a little bit more than the average joe. Let Heartfelt Yoga + Fulcio take care of you. Seriously. Just show up and we will guide and support you the 2 full hours you are here finding peace with us. You will be taken through a 30 minute flow to get some much needed restful and restorative yoga [with all the yummy assists to feel reaaaal good] along with guided meditation / journaling prompts / and a whole bunch of other indispensable tips to prioritize self care. This also happens to fall right in time with the new moon - the Universe is literally giving you the biggest sign to make time for you.
You will also leave with an incredible surprise goody bag.
Location : Heartfelt Yoga Studio Columbus
Address: 29 E 5th Ave #100   Columbus   OH   43201