Yoga Event: Magic Session: Manifest Magic at Heartfelt Yoga Studio - with Alice Gantman

Chanel your power to create what you need.
January 13th 3-5p       Add to Calendar
$25   Registration
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Magic Session: Manifest Magic

Channel your power to create exactly what you need.

What would you do if I told you that you can have anything you truly need?

Hear me out. Manifestation is powerful work that goes beyond the woo-woo of what many think of this super popular buzz word.

You will be working through a series of steps to nail down what and how you will make the most of your year. Put a "no return policy" on all of your goals and watch yourself transform your entire life. Movement will be minimum but yoga will be maximum [ think mindfulness & meditation ].

You will receive light and guidance towards your true desires + a meditation to take home + mini essential oil and energy infused balm + manifestation stone + journal prompts + more surprises day of!

Don't miss out on the most celebrated event of the year - only an energetic investment of 2 hours and financial investment of $25.

Location : Heartfelt Yoga Studio Columbus
Address: 29 E 5th Ave #100   Columbus   OH   43201