Welcome to the Heartfelt Yoga Studio Theme Series!

It is easy to let self-care fall a few notches down your to-do list during the holidays [ okay - maybe you’re totally at the bottom ] but it is the season of giving - right? While yeah - it feels great to give during the holidays, don’t deplete yourself until there is absolutely no YOU left. Allow yourself an hour and 15 minutes of YOU time where you are taken care of / supported / and loved.

This is an 8-week series where each Sunday 10am class is themed around a topic to help you recharge for the holiday season. All sessions are given at no additional charge. Attend all 8 sessions to be entered to win a month of unlimited yoga. Attend 6+ sessions to win a free class.

Maybe you got 99 problems to deal with this season - but yoga aint one.

Week 1: Where Are You At Now
Week 2: Prana-what?
Week 3: How Meditation Can Help
Week 4: Dealing with Turbulent Times
Week 5: Recoup - Big Sigh of Relief
Week 6: Structure + Flow
Week 7: Ayurveda Assistance
Week 8: Manifest that “Ish”